Mr. Iceman’s Icy Wonder

Mr. Iceman’s Icy Wonder …

Mr. Iceman woke up one cold winter morning. He smiled to himself when he looked outside and saw a foot of snow. He knew it was finally winter.

“I am so happy,” said Mr. Iceman to himself as he got out of bed and got dressed. “I love winter and I am so glad it is finally here.”

Mr. Iceman went straight outside. He dived head first into the snow. The cold snow felt good. Mr. Iceman was in heaven.

“There is just one thing missing,” thought Mr. Iceman. “In order to make this the perfect winter day, we need ice.”

Mr. Iceman walked down his sidewalk and he left behind a trail of some of the best ice ever.

“Where did all this ice come from?” asked his neighbour, Warren, walking up Mr. Iceman’s sidewalk.

“I made it,” said Mr. Iceman, proudly. “Isn’t it wonderful?”

“It would be,” said Warren.” If this were a skating rink. Someone is going to hurt themselves.”

“I never thought of that,” said Mr. Iceman.

“If you want to make some ice that would be beneficial to others,” said Warren. “Then you should make skating rinks in the park.”

“That does sound good,” said Mr. Iceman.

“That way children will be able to have some fun,” said Warren.

“They can skate or play hockey,” said Mr. Iceman.

“Yes,” said Warren. “They will love it.”

Mr. Iceman went over to the park across the street from his house and he made the biggest skating rink he could. It wasn’t long before children showed up with their skates. They loved the skating rink.

Mr. Iceman went around the city of Calgary and he had made several skating rinks.

“How are the skating rinks?” asked Warren, a few days later.

“I can’t seem to make them fast enough,” said Mr. Iceman. “The children love them.”

“I am glad,” said Warren. “You are doing a good deed.”

“Thank you,” said Mr. Iceman. “I love making ice and it is good to see my ice being used for something worthwhile.”

Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to use your talent for something worthwhile.
  • Example: Mr. Iceman made skating rinks with his ice so that children could use them.
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