Mr. Iceman’s Ice Sculptures

Mr. Iceman’s Ice Sculptures …

“It is a beautiful winter day,” thought Mr. Iceman as he walked to the park across the street from his house. “It is cold and it just finished snowing. I would love to make some ice. Oh, I really would love that.”

Mr. Iceman has the ability to make ice and so far this winter, he has supplied Calgary, Alberta with too much of it. He was getting a lot of complaints because people were tripping and falling on it. He was told from his neighbour, Warren, that he should make some skating rinks. He did just that. However, there are only so many skating rinks that can be made.

“How are you doing?” asked Warren, when Mr. Iceman walked back to his house.

“I am good,” said Mr. Iceman. “But I am very bored. I need to make some ice.”

“I see,” said Warren. “I guess there are only so many skating rinks that you can make.”

“Exactly,” said Mr. Iceman.

“Have you ever thought about making ice sculptures?” asked Warren.

“No,” said Mr. Iceman. “But that does sound like fun.”

“I have made a few in my time,” said Warren. “I can show you how it is done.”

“That would be wonderful,” said Mr. Iceman, who was very eager to learn. “What do we need?”

“A chainsaw and a few blocks of ice,” said Warren. “I have a couple of chainsaws if you can make the ice?”

“Absolutely,” said Mr. Iceman.

Warren got the chainsaws and Mr. Iceman created several blocks of ice. Warren showed Mr. Iceman how to use a chainsaw safely and then he set out to create a quick sculpture.

“That looks like me,” said Mr. Iceman, once Warren had completed his sculpture.

“It is you,” said Warren.

“I love it,” said Mr. Iceman.

Mr. Iceman created a sculpture of Warren.

“Very good work,” said Warren. “It didn’t take you long to catch on.”

“Thank you,” said Mr. Iceman, already working on his second sculpture. “I think I have found a very good way to use my talent of making ice.”

Mr. Iceman soon had a whole yard full of ice sculptures and people were starting to take an interest in his work.

Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to use your talent.
  • Example: Mr. Iceman was bored and he needed to make some ice. Warren, his neighbour, asked him if he wanted to create ice sculptures.
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