Storyland Spring Sing-A-Long

“Are my little treasures ready for the Storyland Spring Sing-A-Long?” chirped Mrs. Robin, puffing up her babies’ feathers. “It’s going to be a delightful adventure!”

As Mrs. Robin was sprucing up her little ones, she spotted some crumbs on their fluffy feathers. She pecked at one and was shocked—it was from soda crackers!

“Who gave these to you?” Mrs. Robin asked with concern.

All three chicks pointed to the edge of the nest, where a black cat lounged with a mischievous smile.

Mrs. Robin gave her chicks plenty of water to clear their throats and told them to rest their voices for the big event.

“You won’t have a chance to win!” the black cat yelled as Mrs. Robin and her family soared to the grandstand.

“You thought crackers would silence us?” Mrs. Robin chuckled. “But we’re ready to sing joyfully!”

The black cat hung his head, admitting he wanted to win because he was in a tough spot.

Seeing his sadness, Mrs. Robin offered, “How about you sing with us? If we win, we’ll share the prize!”

The black cat promised to be kind and together, they sang beautifully and won the competition!

Everyone cheered for their teamwork! The black cat apologized for his mischief and was grateful for Mrs. Robin’s generosity.

And so, they all became great friends, and every spring, they’d gather to sing, sharing not just prizes, but the joy of friendship too.


Moral of this Story:

  • Compassion and unity bring greater rewards than rivalry and deceit.
  • Example: Mrs. Robin, despite the black cat’s initial mischief, offers him a chance to join their team for the singing competition.

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