Christopher Corn and the Surprise Concert

“Christopher,” said Farmer Fred, excitedly. “I have good news for you and Loud Garden.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Christopher. “What is the good news?”

“I managed to book you for the Calgary Stampede this year,” shouted Farmer Fred, happily.

“Are you serious?” asked Christopher, also excited. “That is a major event.”

“It certainly is,” said Farmer Fred. “People come to the stampede from all over the world.”

“I am so excited,” said Christopher. “Wait until I tell the rest of Loud Garden!”

“You will be playing tomorrow night,” said Farmer Fred.

“Wait a minute,” said Christopher. “That is way too soon. We will never be ready.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Farmer Fred. “I have heard you. You are more than ready.”

“You think so,” said Christopher.

“I know you are,” said Farmer Fred.

Christopher gathered all the members of Loud Garden together and told them about the stampede.

“Stampede here we come!” shouted Cameron Cauliflower, grabbing Christopher’s arm and dancing a jig.

“I can hardly wait,” said Calvin Carrot, joining in on the dance.

“It will be a wonderful opportunity for us,” said Mrs. Tomato, also joining in on the dance.

Olive and Oliver Onion were so happy that they were going to be performing at the Calgary Stampede that they started to cry. However, that didn’t stop them from dancing with the others.

Loud Garden was a smash hit at the Calgary Stampede. The crowd loved them. Loud Garden felt very comfortable on stage and they enjoyed themselves immensely. After their performance, Farmer Fred gave each one of them a cowboy hat.

“Christopher,” said Farmer Fred. “You guys were amazing. In fact, you are booked to play tomorrow night as well.”

“That is awesome!” shouted Christopher.

“The crowd loved you guys,” said Farmer Fred. “They couldn’t get enough of you.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Hard work pays off.
  • Example: Christopher Corn didn’t feel that Loud Garden was ready to perform at the Calgary Stampede but they were more than ready.
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