The Poor Leprechaun

Lucky Leprechaun was in his castle getting dressed. It was St. Patrick’s Day and Lucky wanted to look his best, which in Lucky’s opinion, was almost impossible seeing as he was poor.

Now, leprechauns are supposed to be rich. They are all supposed to have a big pot of gold. However, when pots of gold are handed out in Lucky’s village, he always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Not this year,” said Lucky to himself. “I am not going to miss out on my pot of gold this year.”

Lucky, now dressed in his best green clothing, stood in the kitchen, having his morning cup of Irish coffee. He happened to glance at the headlines in the local paper, shocked at what he saw.

Lucky read how the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations were not going to be held in the king’s castle but instead, in the community hall.

“Something isn’t right about those headlines,” said Lucky to himself, finishing the last drop of his Irish coffee.

Lucky’s friend, Tom Leprechaun, came to the door.

“Tom,” said Lucky, showing him the headlines. “What do you think of this?”

“Looks like we are going to the community hall,” said Tom.

“What about what the king told us about a month ago?” asked Lucky.

“The king is getting old and senile,” said Tom.

“Well I am going to the king’s castle,” said Lucky.

“Suit yourself,” said Tom.

Tom left to go to the community hall, while Lucky left and went to the king’s castle.

“Lucky,” said the king, when he answered the door. “I thought you would have gone to the community hall like everyone else.”

“I remembered you telling us that the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations were going to be here at your castle no matter what,” said Lucky.

“You are very wise,” said the king. “You happen to be the only leprechaun to show up. For your loyalty I am going to reward you with all the pots of gold this year.”

Lucky was very grateful to the king for his generosity. He bowed to the king.

“Well,” said the king. “I am getting very old and very tired so I must take my nap. Go, take your pots of gold and join in on the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with your friends at the community hall.

Lucky was very humble with the fact that he was now the richest leprechaun in the village. He decided he would share his wealth with the other’s but only to any leprechaun that did a good deed.

All the leprechaun’s decided pretty early on that in order for them to get any gold they would just have to do good deeds. The king was very impressed with what Lucky had done with all the gold that he was given. He decided that he would do the same thing each and every year.

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