Sad Leprechaun

Lucky Leprechaun woke up on the third day before St. Patrick’s Day. His throat was sore, he was freezing cold and he was coughing. He was very upset because he was afraid that he wasn’t going to be allowed to go to the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Mother Leprechaun, taking one look at Lucky. You aren’t going to any St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

“I was afraid of that,” said Lucky, looking down at his shoes.

“Back to bed for you,” said Mother. “You need your rest.”

Mother brought Lucky a big glass of orange juice. He drank it all.

“I am going to make you some chicken soup,” said Mother. “That will fix you right up.”

“No,” said Lucky. “I don’t like chicken and besides, how can chicken soup make me feel better.”

Mother went downstairs to the kitchen and started making her soup. The whole house smelled good as she added all kinds of vegetables and onions to it. Lucky could smell it up in his room but he didn’t like the smell of it. He hid his nose under his blanket and fell asleep.

After his nap, Lucky actually felt worse. He went downstairs, held his hand to his nose and asked his Mother to get him a bowl of her chicken soup. He ate it, even though he didn’t want to and didn’t really like it.

After eating the soup, Lucky Leprechaun started to break out in a sweat and he didn’t feel good at all. He went back to bed and this time when he got up he was feeling so much better. He couldn’t believe it.

“It had to have been the soup,” said Lucky to Mother. “Thank you so much for making it for me.”

“You are welcome,” said Mother, glad that her son was feeling better. “Fred’s Mother is going to give some to Fred. He is feeling sick too.”

“You didn’t tell her I was sick, did you?” asked Lucky.

“Yes,” said Mother. “Why?”

“Well expect King Leprechaun at our door anytime soon,” said Lucky. “He will want to see how I am doing because he told everyone to stay home if they had the flu.”

There was a knock at the door and there at the door, it is long green cape with a white fur collar was King Leprechaun.

“Ha ha ha!” laughed King Leprechaun when he saw Lucky. “You aren’t sick at all. You look the picture of health.”

“Oh he was very sick,” said Mother. “Until he ate some of my homemade chicken soup and then he was better in no time.”

“Chicken soup you said,” said King Leprechaun.

“Yes,” said Mother, getting her best china bowl out of the cabinet. “Would you like a bowl?”

“I would love a bowl,” said King Leprechaun. “By the way, Lucky. See you at the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.”

“Yes!” exclaimed Lucky.

“Very good soup,” said King Leprechaun, joining in conversation with Mother and eating bowl after bowl of Mother’s homemade chicken soup.

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