What is a Leprechaun?

Lucky Leprechaun decided he would go for a walk before getting ready for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations that he was going to attend later that day. He decided he would go for a walk in the park.

It was a nice day for a walk. The sun was shining and it was fairly warm. The grass was starting to turn green and flowers were just starting to come up.

Lucky Leprechaun saw a little girl sitting on the park bench. He went and sat down beside her. He noticed that she was a very pretty girl, with long hair in a ponytail, blue eyes and the prettiest smile.

“What is your name?” Lucky asked the girl.

“My name is Sarah,” said the girl, looking at Lucky, with a funny grin on her face. “You are one of those leprechauns, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” said Lucky. “I am Lucky Leprechaun.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Sarah, shaking Lucky’s outstretched hand. “It is nice to meet a real leprechaun.”

“It is nice to meet you,” said Lucky, laughing.

“What exactly is a leprechaun?” asked Sarah.

Lucky explained to Sarah all about what leprechauns are. He explained to her that leprechauns were tiny little people that wore little green suits and tall green hats. He explained to Sarah that leprechauns come from Ireland and he explained to her that most leprechauns were sneaky and bad.

“Are you sneaky and bad?” asked Sarah.

“No,” said Lucky. “I am a lucky leprechaun. I seem to always do the right thing at the right time and I always seem to get rewards for what I do.”

“Gee,” said Sarah. “My Grandmother is from Ireland and she has told me stories about sneaky, bad leprechauns.”

“Really,” said Lucky. “It is not very much fun being sneaky and bad.”

“Aren’t you supposed to have a pot of gold?” asked Sarah.

“Yes,” said Lucky. “I have lots of pots of gold.”

“Aren’t you supposed to have one for me?” asked Sarah.

“Oh,” said Lucky. “Yes, wait right here and I will go get it for you.”

“Okay,” said Sarah.

Lucky ran home and got the biggest pot of gold he could find and carried it to the park.

Just as Lucky gave Sarah the pot of gold, Sarah’s Grandmother came along. Lucky liked Sarah’s Grandmother instantly. She seemed like a very knowledgeable and kind person.

“Oh Lucky,” said Sarah, introducing Lucky to her Grandmother. “This is my Grandmother.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Lucky, shaking Grandmother’s hand.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Grandmother. “You are right Sarah. He really is a leprechaun. Look at the pretty pot of gold he brought for us.”

“Yes,” said Sarah. “Lucky is a very nice leprechaun. He is not sneaky and bad.”

“Well,” said Grandmother. “I am glad to meet a nice leprechaun because back in my day, as a child growing up in Ireland, I met one of those sneaky and bad leprechauns and he ended up taking away my pot of gold from me.”

“Well,” said Lucky. “That really isn’t fair and I am glad I am not like him.”

Grandmother told Lucky all kinds of stories about Ireland and leprechauns. It turns out that Lucky lived very close to where Grandmother grew up. He knew most of the leprechauns that she rhymed off, even the one sneaky, bad one.

Lucky had to go and get ready for his St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and he invited Sarah and her Grandmother to join him.

“We’d be honoured to come,” said Grandmother.

Sarah and her Grandmother had a wonderful time at the celebrations and the best part of all was when Grandmother danced with Lucky.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not nice to be sneaky and bad.
  • Example: Grandmother told Lucky Leprechaun about a leprechaun in Ireland that was sneaky and bad.
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