Baby Patrick

“I am travelling this weekend,” said Travelin’ Rick to his agent, Bob, on the phone. “You are sending me to British Columbia.”

“That is right,” said Bob. “Look, I’ve been thinking. I think you need a helper, you know,
a sidekick.”

“Gee,” said Travelin’ Rick. “You think so.”

“Yes,” said Bob. “I think a younger person would add some further entertainment to your adventures.”

“Am I, by any chance, doing something wrong?” asked Travelin’ Rick, thinking that Bob has some kind of ulterior motive in wanting to hire him a sidekick.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Bob. “I will tell you the truth here. Actually, my insurance agent suggested the sidekick. He said it would be good if you had a partner with you in case something went wrong. Your sidekick would be there to help you out. In fact, having a sidekick would lower my insurance rates.”

“Ah the old mighty dollar,” laughed Travelin’ Rick.

Travelin’ Rick didn’t dare tell Bob what he was thinking. He was thinking that what Bob would save on insurance he would pay that and more on a sidekick. Besides, Travelin’ Rick kind of liked the idea of having a sidekick. It would be someone to keep him company on long journeys.

“Are you going to find my sidekick for me?” asked Travelin’ Rick. “Or do I actually get to help pick him out?”

“Nope,” said Bob. “I trust you. Whoever you want for a sidekick will be your sidekick.”

Travelin’ Rick was all packed and ready to go to the airport. He loved British Columbia. It was his favourite place to be.

About five hours later, Travelin’ Rick was getting his bagagge from the Kamloops airport when he saw the cutest little baby boy sitting on a chair, crying.

“What is your name?” asked Travelin’ Rick. “My name is Travelin’ Rick.”

“I know,” said the baby boy. “My name is Baby Patrick. My Mommy reads your stories to me at bedtime. She loves your stories.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Travelin’ Rick. “I have a fan.”

“You sure do,” said Baby Patrick. “I like them too.”

“Why were you crying?” asked Travelin’ Rick.

“My Mommy and Daddy are gone,” cried the baby boy. “I can’t find them anywhere. We came to Kamloops to meet my Grandma for the first time. I just stopped to look at the poster on the wall and I turned around and Mommy and Daddy were gone.”

“Gee,” said Travelin’ Rick. “They can’t be too far away. Kamloops airport is not really all that big. Let’s go see if we can find them.”

Travelin’ Rick took Baby Patrick’s hand. They walked all around the inside of the airport. Baby Patrick’s parents were no where to be seen.

“So do you like to travel?” asked Travelin’ Rick to Baby Patrick, trying to keep him distracted so he wouldn’t cry anymore.

Baby Patrick’s big eyes lit right up.

“I love to travel,” said Baby Patrick. “I would love to travel forever and ever.”

“You would,” said Travelin’ Rick. “Gee, I wonder if I could hire you as my sidekick.”

“You need a sidekick!” exclaimed Baby Patrick, excitedly. “That would be a fun job! Of course, I would have to ask my parents first but that is if we can ever find them.”

“Baby Patrick!” Baby Patrick heard a familiar voice from behind him.

Baby Patrick turned around and there, standing in the middle of the hallway at the airport was Baby Patrick’s Mommy and Daddy. Baby Patrick ran to them and gave them a great big hug.

“I met Travelin’ Rick,” said Baby Patrick to him Mommy.

“No way!” exclaimed Mommy. “I love Travelin’ Rick. Where is he?”

“Right over there,” pointed Baby Patrick. “He was helping me find you guys. He wants me to be his sidekick.”

Mommy, Daddy and Baby Patrick went over to talk to Travelin’ Rick. They sat and had lunch and discussed Baby Patrick’s future as Travelin’ Rick’s sidekick.

“Bob,” said Travelin’ Rick on the telephone from his motel room that night. “I found my sidekick.”

“Gee that was quick,” said Bob. “Who is he?”

“Baby Patrick,” said Travelin’ Rick.

“A real baby,” said Bob.

“Yes,” said Travelin’ Rick. “A real baby.”

“This could work,” said Bob, after taking a few minutes to think it over. “Congratulations, Travelin’ Rick. I think you and Baby Patrick are going to make an awesome team.”

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