Forgetful Fred Forgets March Break

“Forgetful Fred,” said Sarah, one night after doing the dishes. “March Break is coming up. We should go on a vacation this year.”

“Yes,” said Forgetful Fred. “That would be really nice. You have the week off from teaching and my boss was just asking me the other day if I wanted to take some of my holidays.”

“This will be perfect then,” said Sarah. “We haven’t gone on a vacation in years.”

“Yes,” said Forgetful Fred. “I think this will be great. Where did you want to go?”

“I was thinking about going to the country for the week,” said Sarah. “We could rent a cottage or better yet we could rent a log cabin.”

“Oh that would be nice,” said Forgetful Fred. “How about letting me take care of renting the cabin?”

“Are you sure?” asked Sarah, a little apprehensive of letting Forgetful Fred be in charge of something as important as this.

Forgetful Fred has a habit of forgetting very important things. He has been doing this for years now and Sarah is quite used to it.

“I promise,” said Forgetful Fred. “I will book it for us tomorrow on my lunch.”

“Don’t forget to take the credit card with you,” said Sarah. “It is in my wallet.”

The next morning, Forgetful Fred got up and went to work and it wasn’t until Sarah went to do some groceries later in the day that she saw that Forgetful Fred had not taken the credit card out of her wallet.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Sarah. “He’s forgotten all about the cabin.”

Sarah went into the den and got onto the computer. She found an awesome deal on renting a cabin so she booked it for the week of March Break.

March Break was fast approaching and Sarah mentioned to Forgetful Fred that they were going to have to get started packing for their vacation. Forgetful Fred’s face turned pure white.

“Vacation!” he exclaimed.

“Yes,” said Sarah. “Our March Break vacation that we are spending in a beautiful log cabin about a half hour drive from here.”

“Oh,” said Forgetful Fred. “How do you know that?”

“I know you didn’t book our cabin,” said Sarah. “You had forgotten to take the credit card with you that one morning when you said you were going to book it for us. I went on the computer here and found an awesome deal on renting a cabin, so I rented it for us instead.”

“Oh Sarah,” said Forgetful Fred, hugging his wife tightly. “What would I ever do if you weren’t around to do these things for me. I am so sorry that I forgot to do that.”

“It is okay,” said Sarah. “I forgive you. Now let’s get back to discussing our packing for our trip.”

Forgetful Fred got up from the couch and laid his newspaper down on the coffee table. He went into the bedroom and started packing his suitcase.

“You can do that tomorrow,” said Sarah, when she saw what Forgetful Fred was doing.

“No,” said Forgetful Fred. “If I do it now, then there is no way I will forget to pack.”

“True,” said Sarah.

Forgetful Fred did pack his suitcase and was all prepared to go on a March Break vacation. However, somehow he did manage to forget to take his suitcase with him on the vacation.

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