Easter Happiness

“Easter is coming up soon,” said Poor Mountain Mother, one evening, after the children had gone to bed.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father. “And this year I am at a loss as to what we are going to do for Easter.”

“What do you mean?” asked Poor Mountain Mother.

“You have to ask,” said Poor Mountain Father, with that look on his face that Poor Mountain Mother knows all too well.

“Money,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “You know…”

“Don’t even bother saying anything,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I don’t like money either.”

“We just seem to get one holiday over with,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “And then another one creeps up on us way too fast.”

Poor Mountain Father was out of work for most of the winter because the work he does is only seasonal work, which means he works only in the warmer weather. This season it seemed that there were more days of bad weather so that meant less money coming in for the Poor Mountain Family.

“We don’t have to have money to celebrate Easter,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “We can have a nice meal and we can make the children a couple of really nice gifts. I can also do some baking.”

“Oh,” said Poor Mountain Father. “”How about some hot cross buns? I love the way you make them.”

“So do the children,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “They love them.”

“Okay,” said Poor Mountain Father. “So, what will we make the children?”

“Poor Mountain Sister has been wanting me to make her a dress out of that pretty yellow material I have,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“But I thought that you were going to use that for yourself,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“There is lots of material,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“Okay,” said Poor Mountain Father. “That is Poor Mountain Sister out of the way. Now, how about Poor Mountain Brother?”

“Hmmm,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “How much scrap lumber do you have outside in the shed? Do you have enough to make him an easel?”

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father. “What a wonderful idea? I’m sure he will use it over and over and over again now that he has taken up painting as his hobby.”

The next couple of days Poor Mountain Father and Poor Mountain Mother were very busy making their gifts. Easter morning came and the children were up very early. However, they did not wake up their parents like they normally would do. They were busy working on gifts for their parents. They didn’t have time to finish them the night before because they were told they had to go to bed early because of it being Easter the next morning.

“Hurry up,” Poor Mountain Brother said to Poor Mountain Sister as he carried the gift he made for his father downstairs.

“There,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “I am done.”

The two children came downstairs and put their gifts on the coffee table. Then they proceeded to go wake their parents up but their parents were just coming down the stair, each with a gift in their hands.

Poor Mountain Mother saw the two gifts on the coffee table.

“Who are they for?” she asked.

“They are for you and Father,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “We made them all by ourselves.”

Poor Mountain Father and Poor Mountain Mother opened up their gifts and both were brought to tears when they saw the quality of work the children had put into them. Poor Mountain Brother made Poor Mountain Father a new belt and Poor Mountain Sister made Poor Mountain Mother a new apron, complete with lace.

The two children loved the gifts that Poor Mountain Mother and Poor Mountain Father had made for them. After everyone had opened their gifts, Poor Mountain Mother brought out a tray of freshly baked hot cross buns. The Poor Mountain Family, even though they had no money, had a really nice Easter together and it was probably one of the happiest Easters there was.

Moral of this Story:

  • Money doesn’t always buy happiness.
  • Example: Poor Mountain Father and Poor Mountain Mother made gifts for their children for Easter because they didn’t have money to buy them anything.
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