Vamp’s Easter

It was a nice warm spring day and Vamp was in his castle. He had one of his windows open and a breeze of fresh spring air came right past his nose.

“Spring is in the air,” said Vamp, happily. “Spring is the time of renewal. It is the time for freshness and wait, I smell something else in the air.”

Vamp sniffed the air again.

“Easter,” said Vamp. “That is what I smell. I smell Easter.”

Vamp was very excited that is was Easter. He loved Easter. Easter is not a traditional holiday for vampires. Usually vampires like Halloween. Vamp is not a usual vampire though. He is a good vampire.

Vamp ordered his cleaning staff to have castle all cleaned up. He ordered boxes and boxes of chocolate Easter eggs. Vamp then had big colourful posters made up inviting all the village children to come have an Easter egg hunt.

As he was handing out posters, one little girl came up to him and pulled at his coat.

“Mister,” said the little girl. “I am allergic to chocolate but I would still love to come to your Easter egg hunt.”

“I see,” said Vamp. “How about I have some caramel eggs then just for you?”

“You would do that for me?” the little girl asked.

“Yes, I would,” said Vamp.

Easter morning came and Vamp was pleased to see a lot of village children show up for the Easter egg hunt. However, he did not see the little girl there.

Vamp excused himself from the Easter egg hunt. He went into the village. He wanted to find that little girl and give her the caramel eggs he had just for her. He walked the streets of the village to no avail. He then went to the spot where he was handing out the posters and walked the streets around there. Vamp heard screams coming from an apartment window.

Vamp went up to the apartment. He could still hear the screams and they were screams of a little girl. Vamp knocked on the door and a scruffy dressed man opened it.

“Who is screaming?” asked Vamp.

“Oh that was coming from my television,” said the man.

Vamp knew the man was lying to him. He knew the screams were coming from a little girl.

“Do you have a little girl here in this apartment?” Vamp asked.

“No,” the man said. “I live here by myself.”

“Then why is there a doll over there on your couch?” asked Vamp.

Vamp had enough of this man lying to him. Vamp brushed past the man and went to the room that he heard the screams coming from. Vamp was shocked at what he saw. There, in the middle of the floor, was the little girl that was allergic to chocolate. Vamp saw chains on the little girl’s hands and feet.

“Today is the Easter egg hunt,” said Vamp. “Did you forget?”

“No,” said the little girl. “My papa was beating me. I wanted to come. I really did.”

“Well you still have time,” said Vamp.

Vamp looked all around the apartment. He found a hack saw under the kitchen sink. He quickly cut the girl loose.

“What is your name?” asked Vamp, helping the little girl find a dress to wear to the Easter egg hunt.

“My name is Tracey,” said the little girl. “You are Vamp, aren’t you. That good vampire.”

“Yes,” said Vamp. “That is who I am.”

Vamp and Tracey noticed that Papa had left the apartment. Vamp took Tracey’s hand and he took her to his castle. Tracey had a lot of fun at the Easter egg hunt and she found all the caramel eggs that Vamp had hidden especially for her.

“I guess I have to go home now,” said Tracey, when she saw the other children leaving.

“No,” said Vamp. “You are not going home. You are going to stay with me until I can find you a better place to live. No little girl should ever have to be chained in a room like you were.”

Tracey gave Vamp a kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you,” said Tracey. “Thank you very much. My Papa is very mean to me.”

“You will not have to live like that anymore,” said Vamp.

Tracey stayed with Vamp for a few weeks and then she went to live with an elderly aunt that lived in a nearby city, Aunt Hilda. Aunt Hilda was horrified when she found out how her niece was living.

“I had no idea that my brother was treating Tracey like that,” said Aunt Hilda to Vamp. “I will take very good care of Tracey and you can come and visit Tracey whenever you want.”

Every single holiday, Vamp visited Tracey and was a total different girl. Vamp was very relieved and happy.

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