Arrow’s Easter

Arrow woke up on Easter morning. He was all excited because he heard that it was Easter but the best part was he heard that everyone gets presents on Easter morning. He heard that Mom’s get presents, Dad’s get presents, kids get presents and the best part was that even pets get presents, including cats.

Arrow ran down the stairs as quick as he could. He stopped on the last stair. He looked around and didn’t see anyone. He perked his ears up and didn’t hear anything.

“Gee,” said Arrow. “Where did the family go? It is Easter morning. They were here a little while ago. I heard them.”

Arrow felt sad. He wanted to have Easter morning with his family but now they were gone. Arrow curled up on the bottom step and fell asleep. He figured Easter was over and he missed out on it and that he wasn’t going to get any presents.

Arrow dreamt about presents and his family and how he missed them but near the end of his dream, Arrow heard voices. He heard his family saying how cute he was sleeping on the bottom step. Arrow woke up and saw his family standing over him. He was so happy to see them. Arrow started purring and purring. He just couldn’t stop purring.

Mom went over to him and scratched his tummy and Dad and the kids started laughing because normally Arrow would never allow anyone to touch his tummy.

“I guess you are looking for presents,” said Dad.

Arrow got right up and jumped right into Dad’s arms.

“I take it that means yes,” laughed Dad.

Arrow was so happy. He got lots of nice cat toys to play with and cat treats to eat. Arrow was the happiest cat ever.

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