Mrs. Tulip and a Happy Spring

“I am so happy,” said Mrs. Tulip, waking up in the garden dirt from her long winter nap and stretching her leaves. “Spring is finally here. I can walk around the garden and stretch.” Mrs. Tulip was very happy about spring being there because it was a long winter. “I am going to go for […] Read More

Cranky Bunny and the Sunny Easter Day

“Julie,” said Cranky Bunny, to his friend that showed up at his place. “What are you doing here?” “I saw the sun was shining,” said Julie. “It is a beautiful Easter day.” “What is so beautiful about it? “asked Cranky Bunny, in a cranky voice. “Two things,” said Julie. “The sun is shining and it […] Read More

The Gum Drop Family

In an old castle in the southern tip of Storyland, was an antique table against the wall of one of over 50 rooms. On top of the table was a huge crystal candy bowl. At the vey bottom of the bowl lived the Gum Drop Family. The Gum Drop Family consists of Mommy, Daddy, Baby […] Read More

Sunflower Suzie Helps Mama Acorn

“It is a nice autumn day,” said Sunflower Suzie. “I think I will go for a walk.” “You go ahead,” said George, her husband. “I have a few things to do. I will catch up to you in a few minutes.” “Okay,” said Sunflower Suzie, giving George a kiss. Sunflower Suzie walked through the park […] Read More

Sunflower Suzie Loves the Field of Sunflowers

“Sunflower Suzie,” said Sunflower Suzie’s husband, George. “It looks like it is a beautiful autumn day. We should go for a walk.” “Yes,” said Sunflower Suzie. “I would like that very much.” Sunflower Suzie put her shoes on and George wrapped her jacket gently over her shoulders. “You are so kind,” said Sunflower Suzie, giving […] Read More

Autumn Elf Loves Autumn Colours

“Autumn Elf,” called his sister, Stella. “It is a beautiful autumn day. We should do something. It won’t be long until the weather turns cold.” “Leave me alone,” said Autumn Elf in a grouchy tone of voice. “I don’t feel like doing anything today.” “Why are you so grouchy?” asked Stella. “I don’t know,” said […] Read More

Beatrice Bee Visits Frankie

“Do you want to go for a walk in the park?” Frankie asked Anna when he picked her up from the diner, one warm summer day after her shift. “It would be nice and cool at the park in the shade.” “I would like that,” said Anna, taking Frankie’s hand. Frankie and Anna walked through […] Read More

Rat Boy and Country Mouse

“I think we should go for a walk to the countryside this Sunday,” said Mother. “It is going to be a nice weekend. We can go on a picnic.” “That sounds like fun,” said Rat Boy. “I think Cecilia would enjoy it.” “I think so too,” said Mother. “This hasn’t been much of a summer […] Read More

Christopher Corn in the Cornfield

“How come nobody has fixed the wires on the stage yet?” asked Christopher Corn, angrily, during a recent practice session. “It was raining and we have live wires everywhere. I can see someone tripping on them and that someone will probably be me.” “I will fix them,” said Oliver Onion. “I don’t have anything better […] Read More