The Gum Drop Family

In an old castle in the southern tip of Storyland, was an antique table against the wall of one of over 50 rooms. On top of the table was a huge crystal candy bowl. At the vey bottom of the bowl lived the Gum Drop Family.

The Gum Drop Family consists of Mommy, Daddy, Baby and Uncle Sour Gum Drop. With the exception of Uncle Sour, the Gum Drop Family are sweet and happy. Uncle Sour is always a sour-puss and very miserable.

“Baby,” said Mommy Gum Drop. “Why don’t we go for a walk around the castle and see if we can find some of that ice-cream we found the other day.

“Okay,” said Baby Gum Drop. “That sounds like fun. Can Uncle Sour come with us?”

“He can if he wants to,” said Mommy.

“No,” said Uncle Sour. “I would rather not.”

“Don’t you want any ice-cream?” asked Baby.

“I do,” said Uncle Sour. “But, I don’t want to crawl around on the dusty floor to get it.”

“Suit yourself,” said Mommy.

“Where is your sense of adventure?” asked Daddy. “Come with us.”

“I don’t want to,” yelled Uncle Sour.

Mommy, Daddy and Baby left Uncle Sour all by himself. They climbed out of the candy bowl and made their way to the kitchen.

The Gum Drop family didn’t find any ice-cream, but they did find a huge chocolate cake. They each ate a big slice of the cake and then Mommy saw Baby with a slice of the cake in a napkin.

“This is for Uncle Sour,” said Baby when Mommy and Daddy asked him about it.

“That is very sweet of you,” said Mommy.

“It certainly is,” said Daddy.

Baby carried the cake back to the candy bowl and handed it to Uncle Sour. Uncle Sour was taken back by what Baby had done for him.

“You always find a way to melt my heart,” said Uncle Sour, smiling as he took a big bite of the delicious chocolate cake. “Thank you!”

“You are welcome,” said Baby, giving Uncle Sour a kiss.


Moral of this Story:

  • There are ways to melt someone’s heart.
  • Example: Baby Gum Drop brought Uncle Sour a piece of chocolate cake and melted Uncle Sour’s heart.

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