The Gum Drop Family and Sugar

The Gum Drop Family were sitting at the bottom of their crystal candy bowl. Mommy Gum Drop had just finished dusting the bowl. Baby Gum Drop was playing with his toys and Daddy Gum Drop was playing a game of cards with Uncle Sour Gum Drop.

“Mommy,” said Baby Gum Drop, looking up at her with his light brown eyes. “What is this stuff called that is in our hair and all over our bodies?”

Baby Gum Drop was referring to the fact that the Gum Drop family had sugar in their hair and all over their bodies.

“It is sugar,” said Mommy.

“Sugar sure does taste good,” said Baby, taking a little piece of it and putting it in his mouth.

“It is what makes us Gum Drops so sweet,” said Mommy.

“Does Uncle Sour have sugar on him?” asked Baby. “Sometimes he isn’t very sweet.”

Mommy laughed. She knew Baby was right. Sometimes Uncle Sour was a sour-puss and was miserable. Nobody could ever really figure out why.

“What is all this talk about me being a sour-puss?” asked Uncle Sour, looking up from his game of cards.

“Baby is growing up,” laughed Daddy. “He is starting to understand the difference between sweet and sour.”

“Yes,” said Uncle Sour. “He sure is.”

Baby saw a bowl of sugar beside where Daddy and Uncle Sour were playing cards. He took a handful and sprinkled it on top of Uncle Sour’s head.

“What did you do that for?” yelled Uncle Sour.

I wanted to see if it would make you sweet,” said Baby.

“Well it didn’t,” said Uncle Sour, trying to keep a straight face but couldn’t.

“Oh yes it did,” laughed Baby.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sugar is sweet.
  • Example: Baby Gum Drop sprinkled sugar on Uncle Sour’s head to make him sweet.

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