Gourd in the Garden

“Oh no!” exclaimed Christopher Corn. “We have a visitor to the garden.”

“Who is it?” asked Cameron Cauliflower.

“It’s Gord Downie,” said Christopher.

“That is too bad,” said Cameron.

“Yes,” said Christopher. “It is. I knew he had that rare brain cancer but, I really thought he had a few years left on Earth yet.”

Gord made his way up the garden path to the garden gate. He saw Christopher and Cameron looking at him. He waved to them.

“Christopher!” exclaimed Gord. “It is nice to finally meet you.”

“You as well,” said Christopher, giving Gord a big hug. “I just wish we didn’t wait until we got to the garden though.”

“I do too,” said Gord. “So, what is life like in the garden? You must miss your music.”

“Life is good here,” said Christopher. “I have been here since May. I was actually the first one here and as for missing music, I have a band here, Loud Garden.”

“You mean I can play music here?” asked Gord.

“Yes,” said Christopher. “That is why Farmer Fred opened up the garden to other musicians.”

“Kudo’s to Farmer Fred for doing this for us,” said Gord. “You don’t know how happy that makes me. So, how did the garden form in the first place?”

“Well,” said Christopher. “The day my life ended on Earth, Farmer Fred found me in his cornfield. I was a corn cob when I first came here. A strike of lightning hit me and turned me into a living, breathing member of the Fresh Veggie Family.”

“I am thankful you are here,” said Gord.

“I am too,” said Christopher. “I wasn’t the only veggie that was hit by lightning. Cameron Cauliflower here, Mrs. Tomato, Olive Onion and her husband Oliver and Calvin Carnot were also hit by lightning. They are all part of my band here, Loud Garden.”

“Are you the only musicians in the garden?” asked Gourd.

“No,” said Christopher. “In July, Chard Benning (Earth name – Chester Bennington) came to the garden. He has a band here called, Winking Park. Tommy Potato (Earth name – Tom Petty) is here as well. He came here on October 2, 2017.”

“Ah yes,” said Gord. “Chester and Tom. Two other very talented musicians gone too soon. At least they are here in the garden so they can keep their music alive.”

“Yes,” said Christopher. “It is important to keep our music alive.”

“I agree,” said Gord.

“Why don’t you come to the barn and meet the rest of Loud Garden,” said Christopher. “We are just about to start our practice session.”

“I would love to,” said Gord.

While in the barn, Gord met Farmer Fred.

“Thank you so much for allowing me to enter the garden,” said Gord.

“You were a very important and influential musician on Earth,” said Farmer Fred. “It is my pleasure to have you here. I have put together a band here for you. It is called, The Broken Hip. Also, you now have a new garden name. You are now Gourd.”

“I love it,” said Gourd. “I am so grateful and I can’t wait to start creating music again.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to recognize talent.
  • Example: Farmer Fred knew Gourd was an important and influential musician on Earth.
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