Autumn Elf Loves Autumn Colours

“Autumn Elf,” called his sister, Stella. “It is a beautiful autumn day. We should do something. It won’t be long until the weather turns cold.”

“Leave me alone,” said Autumn Elf in a grouchy tone of voice. “I don’t feel like doing anything today.”

“Why are you so grouchy?” asked Stella.

“I don’t know,” said Autumn Elf. “I guess it is the thought of cold weather coming soon.”

“I know a way to cure your grouchiness,” said Stella. “Come with me.”

Autumn Elf reluctantly followed Stella. She led him out the front door and down the street.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Autumn Elf, looking around him at the autumn beauty. “It is a good day to go for a walk. The autumn colours are spectacular.”

“Yes they are,” agreed Stella.

It was funny because Autumn Elf immediately felt that he was in a better mood. He started to smile.

“Now that smile is something beautiful as well,” said Stella.

“Thank you,” said Autumn Elf. “I really needed this walk.”

“You are welcome,” said Stella.


Moral of this Story:

  • A good way to cure grouchiness is to go for a walk.
  • Example: Autumn Elf was grouchy. Stella informed him that he should go for a walk. He did and he enjoyed seeing the autumn colours.
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