Bad Teeth Bradley – Character Insight

Bad Teeth Bradley was a very tall and very skinny monster. He was as tall as a giraffe and as thin as a rake! Bradley had a secret, though – he absolutely loved candy!

Every morning, when the sun peeked through the clouds, Bradley would jump out of bed and munch on candy for breakfast. When the clock struck noon, he’d have candy for lunch. And at night, under the twinkling stars, he’d feast on candy for dinner too!

But oh no, eating all that candy made Bradley’s teeth very sad. They turned all sorts of colors and didn’t shine bright anymore. Poor Bradley’s teeth were rotten!

In the town, there was a kind dentist named Dr. Stevens. He was always there to help. Dr. Stevens made so many appointments for Bradley that he could fill a whole calendar!

No matter where Bradley went – to the park, the library, or the candy store – he would bump into Dr. Stevens. And if Dr. Stevens saw even a tiny bit of candy with Bradley, he would take him by the hand and say, “Let’s make those teeth happy again!”

So, they would go to Dr. Stevens’ colorful office, filled with pictures of smiling teeth. Dr. Stevens would work his magic, cleaning and fixing Bradley’s teeth, making them sparkle like stars.

Bradley learned that it’s okay to enjoy candy sometimes, but brushing and visiting the dentist are important to keep his teeth strong and healthy. And from then on, Bradley promised to take better care of his teeth, so they would be happy and he could smile big and wide every day! Bad Teeth Bradley learned to love his teeth as much as he loved candy. 

What we know about Bad Teeth Bradley so far?

  • Created on October 9, 2017.
  • Lives in Calgary, Alberta.
  • Bad Teeth Bradley is a monster.
  • He is very tall and very skinny, comparable to a giraffe in height and as thin as a rake.
  • He has rotten teeth that are discolored and lack brightness due to his candy consumption.
  • Bradley has a secret love for candy, eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Despite the consequences, he tries to hide to avoid dental treatment.
  • Dr. Stevens, a kind dentist, is persistent in treating BAad Teeth Bradley, making numerous appointments for him.
  • Bad Teeth Bradley frequently encounters Dr. Stevens in various places like the park, library, or candy store.
  • Dr. Stevens’ office is a colorful place with pictures of smiling teeth, where he helps Bradley by cleaning and fixing his teeth.
  • Bradley realizes the importance of moderation in candy consumption, brushing, and regular dental visits to maintain healthy teeth.
  • He promises to take better care of his teeth to keep them strong, healthy, and happy.
  • Bradley learns to love his teeth as much as he loves candy, ensuring a big, wide smile every day.

List of Bad Teeth Bradley’s family members:

  • Bad Teeth Bradley’s Mother – Mother is very concerned about Bradley’s dental health and his candy habits. She shares the financial burden of the dental expenses with Bradley’s father.
  • Bad Teeth Bradley’s Father – He is financially responsible for Bradley’s dental care. The high cost of dental bills due to Bradley’s candy consumption causes him distress.


  • Bradley has an insatiable love for candy, which he indulges in at every meal.
  • He enjoys trying to hide from his dentist to avoid dental appointments.
  • Bradley seems to have a preference for eating candy under the stars, because he feels nobody could see him doing it.


  • Bradley dislikes going to the dentist, as evidenced by his attempts to hide from Dr. Stevens.
  • He is not fond of the consequences of eating too much candy, such as the condition of his teeth and the resulting dental bills.
  • Bad Teeth Bradley dislikes being caught with candy by Dr. Stevens, as it leads to immediate dental appointments.

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