Bad Teeth Bradley at the Halloween Party

“Oh!” exclaimed Bad Teeth Bradley, checking his mail. “It looks like I have an invitation to go to a Halloween party. That sounds like a lot of fun.”

On Halloween evening, Bad Teeth Bradley went to the address on the invitation.

“I love your costume,” said the hostess of the party, Mrs. Jackson. “Where did you get it? It looks so real.”

“I made it myself,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

“I love how you made your teeth look so rotten,” said Mrs. Jackson.

“My dentist isn’t too pleased with that,” laughed Bad Teeth Bradley.

“I can imagine,” laughed Mrs. Jackson. “Welcome to my Halloween party. Help yourself to the sweets and have a blast.”

Bad Teeth Bradley entered the kitchen and all he could see was a long table setup along the wall, covered in bowl after bowl of all kinds of candy. Bad Teeth Bradley was in heaven, sampling as much of the candy as he could.

As Bad Teeth Bradley leaned over the table to get to some of the candy at the back, he noticed a man talking to Mrs. Jackson. The man was dressed up as a dentist.

“Now,” said Bad Teeth Bradley to himself. “What kind of fool would dress up as a dentist?”

“Bad Teeth Bradley,” said the man dressed up as a dentist, walking toward the table with all the candy. “Why are you eating all this candy? You know your teeth are bad.”

It took a moment for Bad Teeth Bradley to realize that the man dressed up as a dentist was actually his dentist, Dr. Stevens.

“Oh oh!” exclaimed Bad Teeth Bradley, quickly grabbing one last handful of candy.

“I’ll take that,” said Dr. Stevens, able to get that last handful out of Bad Teeth Bradley’s hand. “And, you are coming to my office with me.”

“I guess you weren’t kidding about your dentist not being pleased,” laughed Mrs. Jackson as Dr. Stevens and Bad Teeth Bradley left the party together.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t eat too much candy.
  • Example: Bad Teeth Bradley ate a lot of candy at the Halloween party. His dentist, Dr. Stevens, showed up and took him to his office.

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