Rat Boy and Country Mouse

“I think we should go for a walk to the countryside this Sunday,” said Mother. “It is going to be a nice weekend. We can go on a picnic.”

“That sounds like fun,” said Rat Boy. “I think Cecilia would enjoy it.”

“I think so too,” said Mother. “This hasn’t been much of a summer for you and your sister because I have been working so many hours at the diner.”

“We understand,” said Rat Boy.

“Let’s make this a fun day,” said Mother.

Sunday came along. Mother had a beautiful picnic lunch packed for her family. Rat Boy and Cecilia were thrilled to be going to the country and also they looked forward to spending the day together.

“‘The countryside is so beautiful,” said Rat Boy.

“Look at all the flowers in the fields,” said Cecilia. “I love all the different colours.”

“Me too,” said Mother. “Let’s have our picnic in the middle of one of these fields.”

“Yes,” said Rat Boy. “That is a good idea. I am getting hungry.”

“Me too,” said Cecilia.

The rat family picked a field full of pretty bluebells to have their picnic.

“So pretty,” said Cecilia, pointing to the bluebells.

“Yes they are,” said Rat Boy, helping Mother set up the blanket and the paper plates.

Mother dished out some salad, fried chicken and slices of cheese onto their plates.

“Excuse me,” a squeaky little voice said. “Can you spare a small nibble of that cheese?”

Mother looked and saw a mouse standing at the end of their blanket.

“Are you a country mouse?” asked Cecilia.

“I am,” said the mouse. “I am very hungry. Would you be able to spare just a little food for me?”

Mother took out a paper plate and put some food on it for the mouse. There was plenty of food to go around.

“Here you go,” said Mother, handing the paper plate to the mouse. “I would have thought you would have plenty of food to eat in the country.”

“Most years,” said the mouse. “This summer has been bad. We have had so many rainy days.”

“We must have picked a good day to visit the country then,” said Mother. “It is a beautiful day today.”

“A very rare one for this summer,” said the mouse.

The rat family asked the mouse to join them for their picnic. They had a lot of fun together. They knew what it was like to go hungry and since they had extra, they didn’t mind sharing.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to share with those less fortunate.
  • Example: The rat family knew what it was like to go hungry so they didn’t mind sharing with the country mouse.
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