Beatrice Bee Visits Frankie

“Do you want to go for a walk in the park?” Frankie asked Anna when he picked her up from the diner, one warm summer day after her shift. “It would be nice and cool at the park in the shade.”

“I would like that,” said Anna, taking Frankie’s hand.

Frankie and Anna walked through the park. It was much cooler in the shade. Frankie pointed at a bench that sat in the shade. They both sat on the bench.

“It is a beautiful summer day,” said Anna.

“It sure is,” said Frankie.

“Oh look,” said Anna, pointing to a bee that just landed beside her on the bench. “A bee.”

“Do you want me to swat it?” asked Frankie. “I wouldn’t want it to sting you.”

“Oh no,” said the bee. “Please don’t swat me. My name is Beatrice Bee. I would never sting you. I landed here beside you because I wanted to tell you that the two of you look so happy and so in love. It is refreshing to see.”

“Thank you,” said Frankie. “It is nice to see that you noticed the love I have for Anna. Usually I get comments on the fact that I am a monster and they tell Anna that she should stay away from me.”

“That is nonsense,” said Beatrice.

“I agree with Beatrice,” said Anna. “I know you would never harm me.”

“I will leave you two alone,” said Beatrice, flying away.

“Have a great day,” waved Anna.

“Thank you for the kind words,” waved Frankie.


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to just assume something about someone.
  • Example: People just assume because Frankie is a monster that he will hurt Anna.
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