Racum’s Decision

“Son,” said Mr. Raccoon. ”How are your plans coming for your fair entry?”

”Good,” said Racum. ”I’m almost finished my project.”

”I guess you will be winning another first prize ribbon this year,” said Mr. Raccoon.

”I think so,” said Racum.

Mr. Raccoon proudly tapped his son on the shoulder and they both went into the house.

”What’s the matter?” asked Mr. Raccoon when he noticed that Mrs. Raccoon was sitting at the kitchen table, crying.

”I just got a phone call from Mabel Skunk, the coordinator of this year’s fall fair,” cried Mrs. Raccoon. ”She said I can’t enter my quilt in this year’s competition.”

”Why not?” asked Mr. Raccoon. ”You have worked so hard sat it!”

”They are only allowing one entry per family this year,” cried Mrs. Raccoon.

”Oh no!” exclaimed Racum. ”And, I have already entered my project.”

”It’s okay,” said Mrs. Raccoon.

Racum felt guilty and he knew all the hard work his Mother put into her quilt. He had to get his Mother’s quilt entered into the fair, somehow.

“I’ll be right back,” said Racum.

Racum went over to Mabel Skunk’s house.

”Good afternoon,” said Mrs. Skunk, opening the door to her front porch.

“Good afternoon,” said Racum.

”What brings you out on such a warm day?” asked Mrs. Skunk.

”My Mother just told me that the is going to only one entry at the fair per family this year,” said Racum. ”I would like to pull my entry.”

”Are you sure?” asked Mrs. Skunk.

”Absolutely,” said Racum.

”What a sweet young chap you are!” exclaimed Mrs. Skunk.

Racum walked home feeling a huge sense of relief. He wanted his Mother’s quilt to be entered.

”Mother,” said Racum, once he got home. ”You can enter your quilt in the fair now.”

”Oh Racum,” Mrs. Raccoon cried happily. ”Mrs. Skunk just called and explained to me what you just did. I am very proud of you. Mrs. Skunk is going to let both of us enter!”

“She is!” exclaimed Racum.

”Yes, she is,” said Mrs. Raccoon.

”Wow,” said Racum. ”That’s great!”

”I’m proud of you too,” said Mr. Raccoon. ”That was a very kind and unselfish thing you just did for your Mother.”

”Thank you Father,” said Racum.

The day of the fair finally rolled around. Both Mrs. Raccoon and Racum won first prize for their entries.

”Would Racum Raccoon please come forward to receive this year’s Honourary Citizen of the Year Award?” asked Mrs. Skunk, once all the other prizes were given out.

”We love you, son,” cried Mr. And Mrs. Raccoon as Racum made his way up to the podium to accept his award.

“This is for my Mother,” said Racum, accepting the award.

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