The Troll Family’s Summer Vacation

“Come on Troll children,” said Troll Daddy. ”The car is all packed and ready to go!”

”I was getting my iPod,” said Troll Sister.

”And I was just getting my handheld gaming system,” said Troll Brother.

”Me too,” said Troll Baby.

“Boy,” said Troll Daddy, while the three Troll children got into the car. “Times sure have changed since I was younger. When I was little and went on a trip, we took nothing with us. Now the Troll children have to be all wired up before they go anywhere.”

”It’s technology dear,” said Troll Mother, sitting in the car with her iPad.

”You’re just as bad,” said Troll Daddy.

”Look dear,” said Troll Mother. ”You’ve got to get with the times. Technology is here to stay and it’s everywhere.”

”I guess so,” said Troll Daddy. “Well at least we’ll get a break from it up at the cabin we will be staying in.”

The Troll family got to the cabin about three hours later. It looked so peaceful and quiet and remote.

“This is perfect,” said Troll Daddy getting out of the car.

”Will that be cash or credit card?” asked the Troll cashier, as Troll Daddy paid for the rental fees.

”Cash,” said Troll Daddy. “You take credit cards now?”

”Yes Troll sir,” said Troll cashier, ringing in Troll Daddy’s transaction on her laptop computer.

Just then Troll cashier’s cell phone rang.

”You use laptops and cell phones here too,” said Troll Daddy.

”Why yes Troll sir,” said Troll cashier. “We even have Internet here too!”

”Oh my!” exclaimed Troll Daddy. ”I should have stayed at home.”

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