“Troll Mother!” exclaimed Troll Sister. “We are out of shampoo!”

“What do you mean we are out of shampoo?” asked Troll Mother. “I just bought some yesterday.”

“Well, the bottle is empty,” said Troll Sister, opening up the bathroom door.

“That is impossible,” said Troll Mother, going into the bathroom, after Troll Sister went into her room.

Sure enough, there on the side of the bath tub was the empty bottle of shampoo.

“Something strange is going on here,” said Troll Mother to herself.

Troll Mother went back out to the kitchen and started cooking lunch for everyone.

“Lunch is ready!” she called about twenty minutes later.

Troll Brother, Troll Sister and Troll Baby came into the kitchen and started eating.

“Down Troll Puppy!” exclaimed Troll Baby.

Troll Puppy was trying to take Troll Baby’s sandwich.

“Troll Puppy!” exclaimed Troll Mother, scolding the little bundle of golden fur. “You leave Troll Baby alone!”

Troll Mother bent over and picked Troll Puppy up. In her arms, she could smell something.

“Troll Puppy, you smell like shampoo!” exclaimed Troll Mother.

Upon taking a closer look at Troll Puppy, Troll Mother noticed that his usually straight golden fur was curly and it was also a bit damp!

“Okay,” said Troll Mother, looking straight at Troll Brother. “What is going on with the shampoo and Troll Puppy?”

“Well Troll Puppy got into Troll Daddy’s pail of grease that was in the garage,” said Troll Brother. “I used the shampoo in the bathroom to clean him.”

“Well,” said Troll Mother. “Now we know what happened to the shampoo this morning. Troll Puppy, you have got to stay out of trouble from now on and Troll Brother, you have got to tell us when Troll Puppy gets into trouble. Don’t hide it from us and please don’t ever use our shampoo on him again.”

“Okay,” said Troll Brother. “I won’t!”

About a week later, Troll Sister noticed the shampoo was gone again!

“Troll Mother,” said Troll Sister, angrily. “There is no shampoo again!”

“I know,” said Troll Mother. “I used it this time. That shampoo removed the grease so well from Troll Puppy, that I’ve been using it on Troll Daddy’s greasy shirts!”

“Oh!” laughed Troll Sister. “Maybe we should buy two bottles of it next time!”

“Good idea,” said Troll Mother.

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