Opposite of Spring is Autumn

Missy Opposite was looking out the kitchen window. She saw the sun shining and it was a beautiful spring day.

“It is a beautiful day outside today,” said Mother.

“Yes it is,” said Missy Opposite. “I want to go outside and play.”

“Good idea,” said Mother. “Missy Opposite, what is the opposite of spring?”

“The opposite of spring is autumn,” said Missy Opposite.

“Very good,” said Mother, proudly. “Do you know why they are opposites?”

“With the spring season,” explained Missy Opposite. “Everything comes to life and with autumn things die off.”

“That is correct,” said Mother. “”Spring brings the beginning and autumn brings the end.”

“In spring,” said Missy Opposite. “The leaves come out on the tree, the grass and flowers start to grow. In the autumn season, the leaves fall off the trees, the grass starts to turn brown and the flowers die off.”

“Very good,” said Mother, impressed. “You are very smart.”

“Thank you, Mother,” said Missy Opposite.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to learn about opposites.
  • Example: Missy Opposite knows that spring is the season that everything comes to life and autumn, things die off.

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