Opposite of Spring is Autumn

Missy Opposite was looking out the kitchen window. She saw the sun shining and it was a beautiful spring day. “It is a beautiful day outside today,” said Mother. “Yes it is,” said Missy Opposite. “I want to go outside and play.” “Good idea,” said Mother. “Missy Opposite, what is the opposite of spring?” “The […] Read More

Autumn Elf and Autumn Snow

“I really wish it would snow,” said Autumn Elf. “What did you just say?” asked Autumn Elf’s sister, Stella, not believing that her brother wanted it to snow. “I thought you didn’t like winter.” “I don’t like winter,” said Autumn Elf. “But if it snows in the autumn season then that is good.” “How can […] Read More

Autumn Elf Makes Autumn a Happy Time

Autumn Elf was walking through town on a very dull autumn day. It seemed to him that everyone he talked to was very depressed. “I am in a bad mood today,” said Autumn Elf’s sister, Stella. “Autumn is making me so depressed.” “I am so tired these days,” said Frankton, an elderly elf. “This autumn […] Read More

Billy Troll Down with Fall

Billy Troll was in his music studio writing a new song. He wanted his new song to capture how he feels about the autumn season. “Down with fall,” sang Billy. “And the falling leaves. Every fall season, darkness perceives.” Billy’s wife, Dianne walked by the studio. She didn’t like his new song. She thought it […] Read More

Angry Cat is Angry about Autumn

“I am so angry today,” said Angry Cat looking out the kitchen window. “Why are you so angry?” asked his sister, Harriet. “It is a beautiful autumn day outside.” “That is the reason I am so angry,” said Angry Cat. “I don’t understand,” said Harriet. “Why would being a beautiful day make you angry?” Harriet […] Read More

Pumpkin Fairy and the Orange Pumpkins

“I just don’t understand it,” said Linda Patterson, the owner of the pumpkin patch. “The pumpkins are still green. Opening day for this autumn season is only a few days away.” “It has been an extra warm autumn so far,” said Pumpkin Fairy. “The pumpkins will turn orange eventually. They just need some time.” “I […] Read More

Autumn Elf

Autumn Elf is a small, tiny creature who can get very angry at times. “What is with all the leaves falling off the trees so early?” he asked his sister, Stella, who had just come outside. “We are going to have an early winter,” said Stella. “Are you kidding me?” yelled Autumn Elf. “That isn’t […] Read More

Autumn Safety

Hi everyone. My name is Safety Kid. I am a brand new character on the Storyland website. My goal is to keep everyone on the website safe. Recently I visited with my friends, The Troll Family. They moved from Ontario, Canada to British Columbia, Canada about a year ago. The Troll Family love living in […] Read More

Autumn in the Prairies

Hi this is Prairie Kid. I’m the Canadian Brother that lives in the prairie province of Alberta, Canada. Sorry, I don’t have much time to chat with you right now. Autumn in the prairies is a very busy time of the year. There is so much work to be done and probably not enough days […] Read More


“Dress warm!” exclaimed Troll Mother. “I am,” said Troll Brother. Troll Mother looked at the thin jacket Troll Brother had on and shook her head. “I have a sweater on underneath this jacket,” said Troll Brother, lifting up the bottom of his jacket to reveal a big thick sweater. “Good boy,” said Troll Mother, smiling. […] Read More