Autumn Safety

Hi everyone. My name is Safety Kid. I am a brand new character on the Storyland website. My goal is to keep everyone on the website safe.

Recently I visited with my friends, The Troll Family. They moved from Ontario, Canada to British Columbia, Canada about a year ago. The Troll Family love living in British Columbia and they especially love the autumn season. It is much warmer in the part of BC that they live in than what it was in Ontario and because of the warm autumn weather, the Troll Family like to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Troll Daddy had just finished raking up a big pile of leaves in the backyard. He had set the rake down, close to the pile of leaves and had gone off into the garage to do some cleaning up in there.

I was watching the Troll Family playing outside. Troll Baby decided that he wanted to jump into the pile of leaves that Troll Daddy had just piled up. I went over to where Troll Daddy had left the rake and picked it up and moved it out of the way. Troll Baby jumped into the pile of leaves. He landed right in the very same spot that the rake had been only moments before.

“Safety Kid!” exclaimed Troll Mother, running out of the house. “You just saved Troll Baby’s life. He could have jumped right onto that rake. Thank you so very much!”

Troll Mother gave me a big hug. I then explained to the whole Troll Family about the dangers of a simple pile of leaves. I explained to them to watch out for sharp objects sticking in the pile of leaves before jumping in.

Troll Sister went over to the pile of leaves and pulled out a sharp branch that she noticed sticking up out of it. She pulled the branch out.

“Good troll girl,” I said. “You learn quickly!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is a good idea to play safe when playing in the autumn leaves.
  • Example: Safety Kid picked up a rake and moved it out of the way, just before Troll Baby jumped into the pile of leaves.

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