“Dress warm!” exclaimed Troll Mother.

“I am,” said Troll Brother.

Troll Mother looked at the thin jacket Troll Brother had on and shook her head.

“I have a sweater on underneath this jacket,” said Troll Brother, lifting up the bottom of his jacket to reveal a big thick sweater.

“Good boy,” said Troll Mother, smiling.

Troll Brother went outside to play and in about half an hour he came back inside.

“That was quick,” said Troll Mother, setting a big mug of hot chocolate on the table.

“Is that for me?” asked Troll Brother with a big grin on his face.

“Yes dear,” said Troll Mother.

“Oh good,” said Troll Brother. “I sure need this to warm me up. It is really cold outside today.”

“It is going to be winter soon,” said Troll Mother.

“Yes,” said Troll Brother. “There weren’t even any leaves on any of the trees. Everything is so bare looking.”

“Winter will be right around the corner,” said Troll Mother. “However, right now, we can enjoy what is left of the autumn season.”

“How?” asked Troll Brother.

“We can have a nice fresh slice of warm apple pie,” said Troll Mother.

“Yummy!” exclaimed Troll Brother. “I love apple pie!”

“Well then here you go,” said Troll Mother, giving Troll Brother a large slice of apple pie with a scoop of ice cream on it.

“I love autumn,” said Troll Brother.

“Me too,” said Troll Daddy standing in the doorway. “Now, where is my slice?”

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