Frosty Summer Night

“I am cold,” said Arrow, shivering. “It is a frosty summer night.”
“Yes,” said Cutie. “It is. I am cold too.”
“I would like to know where summer went to,” said Arrow. “It feels like summer is already over.”
“It feels like we skipped over autumn and went straight to winter,” said Cutie.
“I think we did,” said Arrow. “I know where there is a nice warm blanket.”
“Good,” said Cutie.” Let’s go find it.”
Arrow ran into Mommy’s bedroom. He stuck his head into her closet. Cutie followed him but she was very cautious about going into the closet. She didn’t want to get into any trouble.
Arrow jumped up onto a shelf and in the corner was a warm fuzzy blanket. Both cats curled up on it. They both warmed up in minutes. They fell asleep and didn’t hear Mommy calling them.
“That is strange,” said Mommy. “It isn’t like Arrow and Cutie to not
come when I call them for dinner.”
Mommy searched everywhere for them. She was starting to get worried but then she saw the closet door open. She smiled to herself when she saw Arrow and Cutie all curled up together.
“They must have been cold,” thought Mommy. “After all, it is a frosty summer night.”
Mommy left the two cats in the closet. She didn’t have the heart to disturb them.


Moral of this Story:

  • Cats love to stay warm on a frosty summer night.
  • Example: Arrow knew where there was a nice warm blanket for him and Cutie to curl up on.

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