Falling Autumn Leaves

“Look at all the falling autumn leaves,” said Mama Acorn, looking out the window of her kitchen. “They sure are falling quickly.”

“It happens to be the first day of autumn,” said Papa Acorn, taking a look at the calendar that hung on the kitchen wall beside the refrigerator.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mama. “Where has the time gone? It seems like it was just yesterday that summer started.”

“Time sure does fly by quickly,” said Papa.

Baby Acorn came into the kitchen. He watched, in fascination, as one colourful leaf after another, floated by. He saw Mama had the patio door open. He stepped out onto the patio. He was mesmerized by the leaves falling. He wasn’t being careful. He walked off the patio onto the branch their house was built on. He slipped off the branch and fell with the falling leaves.

“Falling autumn leaves!” screamed Baby, as he plummeted downward.

Luckily, for Baby, he fell into a huge pile of autumn leaves. Even more lucky for Baby was the fact that Angry Cat, a Storyland character, saw Baby fall.

Angry Cat carefully picked up Baby in his mouth and returned him to his parents, who were very worried about their missing son.

“Thank you,” said Mama to Angry Cat, while hugging Baby.

“He should be more careful,” said Angry Cat, slightly angry. “That could be dangerous.”

“But it is fun jumping into the falling autumn leaves,” said Baby.

Baby saw the patio door open again and this time, purposefully, jumped into the pile of leaves. Angry Cat, Mama and Papa were all going to be angry with Baby, but they all had to admit it did look like fun.

“This is fun!” exclaimed Angry Cat, jumping off the branch and joining Baby in the pile of falling autumn leaves.

Papa and Mama joined them. Even they had fun.

Angry Cat was very kind to make sure the Acorn family got back up to their branch.

“That was fun,” said Angry Cat.

“It was,” said Papa.

“A bit dangerous,” said Mama. “But fun.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It can be fun jumping in the falling autumn leaves.
  • Example: Baby Acorn found out that it is fun jumping in the falling autumn leaves.

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