Summer Snow

“Oh dear!” cried Cutie. “Arrow, come quick. I see summer snow.”
“Are you kidding me?” asked Arrow. “There is no way there could be any snow yet. It is only September.”
“I am not kidding,” said Cutie. “I see it. It is all over the ground.”
Arrow got up off the kitchen mat that he had been laying on. He jumped up to the window ledge that Cutie was on. He looked out the window and much to his dismay, he saw the summer snow that Cutie was talking about.
“I am confused,” said Arrow. “How can we get snow in the summer?”
“I am just as confused as you are,” said Cutie. “I thought summer was sunshine and warmth.”
Both cats sat In the window ledge and they both had the most disgusted looks on their faces.
“What is going on with you two?” asked Mommy, seeing the looks on the faces of her two cats.
Mommy walked over to the window. She saw what the two cats were looking at. She was just as confused as they were.
“Summer snow!” Mommy cried “How can this be?”
The snow on the ground that odd summer day did not last long and Arrow, Cutie and Mommy were all relieved to see it gone.
“That is just much too early to see snow,” said Mommy.
Both Arrow and Cutie agreed with Mommy.


Moral of this Story:

  • It can snow any time of the year.
  • Example: Mommy, Arrow and Cutie were confused when they saw summer snow.

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