An Angry Witch

Tilly, the Wicked Witch, had a major problem that she had to deal with. She was brewing up a fresh batch of a concoction she was making and there was a pesky fly flying around her cauldron.

“Oh dear!” cried Tilly. “If that fly lands in my cauldron, my brew will be ruined!”

Tilly took the fly swatter down off the wall. However, the fly outsmarted her. He seemed to know when she was going to swat him and when she did, he would fly away. All that did was anger Tilly even more.

“I am so angry with that fly,” shouted Tilly.

Tilly saw a can of bug spray sitting under her cupboard. She sprayed and sprayed it until the coin was empty. However, the fly was still flying around.

“What am I going to do?” asked Tilly, still holding the now empty bug spray can. “That fly is still alive.”

Tilly was going to set the can of bug spray down but she noticed some fine print on it.

This product will work on almost all bugs. It will not, however, work on the housefly.

That angered Tilly to the point of her going into a rage. She flung the can and it landed right into the cauldron. Tilly ran outside as fast as she could. In seconds, there was an explosion. Tilly was lucky to have escaped with no injuries.

“I wonder,” thought Tilly. “I wonder if the fly survived. Oh, I hope not!”

Tilly walked down her laneway and a tiny pest landed right on her crooked nose.

“No!” screamed Tilly. “This can’t be.”

The fly flew off her nose after hearing her scream and flew far, far away.


Moral of this Story:

  • Anger can make you do things you normally wouldn’t do.
  • Example: Tilly threw an empty can of bug spray into her cauldron in a fit of rage and it ended up causing an explosion.
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