Outside Voice

It was a windy autumn day in Kelowna, BC. A. Tree wandered the streets. There weren’t too many people wandering around. However, he did see quite a few homeless people. A. Tree handed each homeless person an apple and while he knew they appreciated it, he knew they needed something more. “If only I could […] Read More

Poor Mountain Family and Autumn Foods

Poor Mountain Brother and Poor Mountain Sister woke up shivering. It was autumn and in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, it gets cooler at night. “Here,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Have a nice warm bowl of oatmeal. That will warm you up.” “Thank you Poor Mountain Mother,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “Yes,” said Poor […] Read More

Apple Monster and Apple Pie

Apple Monster was sleeping underneath the only apple tree that he has ever known in his entire life. It was a cool autumn morning. The leaves in the forest had all changed colour and they would soon be falling to the ground. “Good morning, Apple Monster,” Apple Monster heard a familiar voice say from behind […] Read More