Little Crow Wants the Apple Pie

It was a warm autumn day in the prairies. Little Crow just landed on a fence post in the backyard of Mrs. Jackson’s house. He could smell something that smelled heavenly and it was driving him crazy. He hopped up onto the window ledge and he could see a freshly baked apple pie sitting on the counter.

“Mrs. Jackson has her kitchen window open,” said Little Crow to himself. “It would be so easy to fly into her kitchen and eat that pie. However, as much as I want to, I couldn’t do that to Mrs. Jackson. She is a very sweet person.”

“Good afternoon,” said Mrs. Jackson, when she came into the kitchen to get a glass of milk. “How are you doing Little Crow?”

Little Crow cawed and flapped his wings.

“You are such a good crow,” said Mrs. Jackson.

Mrs. Jackson took her glass of milk and a slice of apple pie and went into the living room. A few minutes later, Little Crow’s cousin, Jake, flew onto the window ledge and sat beside Little Crow.

“Something smells good,” said Jake.

“Yes,” said Little Crow. “Mrs. Jackson baked an apple pie.”

“I bet you would like to eat it,” said Jake.

“Of course I do,” said Little Crow. “It smells so good.”

“Don’t eat it,” said Jake. “It is probably poisonous.”

“Mrs. Jackson would never do that,” said Little Crow as he flew away.

Jake saw the open window and he saw the apple pie on the counter. He flew in through the window and ate a good portion of the pie. He heard Mrs. Jackson coming out to the kitchen so he quickly flew back outside.

“Little Crow,” exclaimed Mrs. Jackson, seeing a few black feathers on the counter beside the partly eaten pie. “How dare you?”

Mrs. Jackson went to find Little Crow’s grandmother, to tell her about her suspicions. Jake just happened to be there.

“Are you sure it was Little Crow?” asked Grandmother. “That just doesn’t seem like something he would do.”

“I agree,” said Mrs. Jackson. “However, I saw Little Crow on my window ledge moments before the pie was eaten and I found a few black feathers on the counter beside the pie.”

“I told him not to eat it,” said Jake, realizing right after he said it that he shouldn’t have.

“So you were there?” asked Grandmother.

Grandmother took a good look at Jake. She could see white flakes on his chest. She reached over and picked one of the flakes off him.

“What is this?” asked Grandmother. “This looks like pie crust to me.”

Mrs. Jackson took a good look at Jake’s chest as well. She saw the flakes of pie crust and she also saw some of the apple pie filling as well.

“I am sorry,” apologized Jake. “The pie smelled so good.”

“I am not happy with you,” said Grandmother. “How dare you let Little Crow take the blame for something you did?”

Mrs. Jackson didn’t wait around to even give Jake a chance to apologize to her. Instead, she went home and baked another apple pie. While it was cooling off, she went outside to find Little Crow.

“I am so sorry for accusing you of eating that apple pie,” said Mrs. Jackson, once she found Little Crow sitting on a fence post out behind her barn. “I should have known better.”

“It is okay,” said Little Crow.

“I baked a fresh apple pie just for you,” said Mrs. Jackson. “I hope you will take it as a symbol of forgiveness. I feel awful.”

“I will accept the pie,” said Little Crow. “On one condition.”

“What condition?” asked Mrs. Jackson.

“I want you to share the pie with me,” said Little Crow.

“Okay,” said Mrs. Jackson. “You have a deal.”

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