Ice-Cream on a Cold Day

“Hello Grandma,” said Bright Idea. “It is very cold here in Fredericton, New Brunswick today.” “Yes,” said Grandma. “It sure is. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind getting me a bowl of ice-cream.” “Sure,” said Bright Idea. “I can do that.” Bright Idea went into the kitchen and got Grandma a bowl of ice […] Read More

Skinny Matilda and an Ice Cream Cone

Skinny Matilda went to the beach. It was a warm summer day. The sun was shining and the water looked so inviting. Skinny Matilda walked right past the ice-cream stand, without even looking at it. Back when Skinny Matilda was fat, she would have eaten two large ice-cream cones. Now, she doesn’t even want one. […] Read More

The Happy Balloon Family

“Daddy,” said Sissy Balloon, as they flew over Bed Type Tales Storyboard. “What are we going to do today?” “The sky is clear and there are no clouds,” said Daddy Balloon. “It is a beautiful day today. How about we go to the park?” “Are you talking about the park beside the ice-cream parlour?” asked […] Read More

Frozen Sprinkles

Sprinkles was playing in her bedroom. She happened to look out her bedroom window and she noticed the sun was shining. She decided that she wanted to go outside and play. Sprinkles dressed warm because it was winter and even though the sun was shining, it was pretty cold outside. Despite the cold, Sprinkles thought […] Read More

“I” is for Interesting

Alphabet Allie was enjoying an ice-cream cone while sitting in the park. “‘I’ is for ice-cream,” said Allie. “This ice-cream tastes so good.” “I invented that flavour,” said a young girl, who approached Allie. “My name is Ida.” “‘I’ is for invented,” said Allie. “This is an interesting flavour. I really like it.” “‘I’ is […] Read More

Master Hurtful Words – Slow

Master Hurtful Words was walking home from the mall with his friend, Jillian. They were both hot because it was the middle of summer. “Let’s stop and get an ice cream cone,” said Master Hurtful Words. “I am so hot.” “Me too,” said Jillian. “Yes, let’s stop but not at the ice cream parlour around […] Read More


“Dress warm!” exclaimed Troll Mother. “I am,” said Troll Brother. Troll Mother looked at the thin jacket Troll Brother had on and shook her head. “I have a sweater on underneath this jacket,” said Troll Brother, lifting up the bottom of his jacket to reveal a big thick sweater. “Good boy,” said Troll Mother, smiling. […] Read More