An Ice-Cream Dream

Queen V. had a dream that she was eating mounds and mounds of ice-cream. When she woke up, she wanted some. 

“Oh dear,” said Queen V. standing in the kitchen, looking outside. “It is a typical Victoria Day long weekend. It is raining and it is miserable.” 

“Yes,” said her husband, Paul. “It certainly is.” 

“I just had a dream that I was eating ice-cream,” said Queen V. 

“And, let me guess,” said Paul. “You want some, right?” 

“I did,” said Queen V., “Until I looked outside. It is too rainy and miserable to eat ice-cream.” 

“You get us two bowls of ice-cream ready,” said Paul. “Meet me in the parlour.” 

With a puzzled look on her face, Queen V. did as the was told. She carried the two bowls of ice cream into the parlour and was surprised and delighted to see that Paul had built a fire in the fireplace. 

“Oh Paul!” cried Queen V. “This is so thoughtful and kind. Thank you!”  

“You are welcome my dear,” said Paul. “Anything for my queen.” 


Moral of this Story:

  • There are always ways of eating ice-cream, even on cold days.
  • Example: Queen V. had a dream of eating ice-cream and wanted to eat some but it was rainy and miserable on the Victoria Day long weekend. Her husband, Paul, built a fire in the fireplace.

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