Camping on Victoria Day Long Weekend

“I was just looking at the weather report,” said Queen V. “This Victoria Day long weekend is actually supposed to be nice.” 

“Maybe we should go camping,” said Queen V.’s husband, Paul. 

“Oh I would love to,” said Queen V. “I haven’t been camping in a few years. It would be a nice way to spend my birthday.” 

“Yes,” said Paul. “It would be. Let’s go camping.” 

Queen V. and Paul packed up their truck with their camping gear. They knew of a remote spot by a lake. 

“I love camping,” said Queen V., enjoying herself. “I have missed it.” 

“I have too,” said Paul. 

Queen V. and Paul sat around their camp fire after dinner and Queen V. felt a raindrop on her arm. She ignored it but then she felt another and then another. 

“I think we need to get to our tent,” said Queen V. “And fast!” 

Queen V. and Paul just climbed into their tent and the rain came pouring down. 

“Happy birthday,” laughed Paul, zipping up the tent. 

“It was good while it lasted,” said Queen V. 

“I am glad you have a sense of humor,” said Paul. 


Moral of this Story:

  • Any Canadian, who goes camping on Victoria Day long weekend, should be able to relate to this story.
  • Example: Queen V. and her husband, Paul, went camping on Victoria Day because it was supposed to be nice weather. However, it did rain.

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