Queen V.

The Victoria Day long weekend was coming up and, of course, there was rain in the forecast. Queen V. stood in front of her mirror, straightening her crown, while she listened to the weather forecast on the radio.  

“I really don’t care that it is going to rain on the Victoria Day long weekend,” said Queen V. to her husband, Paul. “The rain isn’t going to affect my happiness.”

“No,” laughed Paul. “I know it won’t. It never does. Does it not even bother you that it always seems to rain on your birthday, though?” 

“I’m sure that when I was a little younger it probably bothered me,” said Queen V. “However, I am so used to it raining on Victoria Day, I have given up getting upset about it. There is no point.” 

“I can understand that,” said Paul.  

Queen V. and Paul’s grandson, Alan James, came bounding into their bedroom and jumped up on the bed, where Paul was sitting. 

“Mommy said it is going to rain this weekend,” said Alan James. “It must be Grandma’s birthday this weekend.” 

“You are correct,” said Queen V. laughing and giving him a big hug. 

“Grandpa said we are going to have a surprise birthday party for you,” said Alan James. 

“Alan James,” scolded Paul. “A surprise means you aren’t supposed to let Grandma know.” 

“It is okay,” said Queen V., seeing the look on Alan James’ face. “You will learn all about surprises eventually.” 

“When?” asked Alan James. “On my own birthday?” 

“Quite possibly,” said Paul.  

“We should invite all the Storyland children to my birthday,” said Queen V., thinking about her birthday party. “That way they can all have some fun on a rainy weekend.” 

“That is a good idea,” said Paul. 

Paul arranged to have all the children of Storyland join Queen V. for her Victoria Day birthday party and they all had a blast. Queen V. hired a clown, who made animal balloons for all the children. There was a huge chocolate birthday cake and ice cream. The children had a blast and they all forgot about how rainy and miserable it was outside. 


Moral of this Story:

  • There is no point in complaining about rain on the Victoria Day long weekend.
  • Example: Queen V. gave up complaining about rain on the Victoria Day long weekend, a long time ago. She decided to invite the Storyland children to her birthday party so that everyone could enjoy the weekend despite the rain.

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