A Carrot Trick

“You look sad,” said Fred Fox to his friend, Trickster Bunny. 

“I thought my delivery of carrots would be here today,” said Trickster. 

“I heard Travis the Truck Driver has been delayed due to a freak spring snowstorm on the coast,” said Fred Fox. “Your carrots should be here tomorrow.” 

“I can hardly wait,” said Trickster. “Carrot are gold to rabbits.” 

Meanwhile, a thief just happened to overhear part of the conversation between Trickster and Fred. He only heard the words carrots, delivery and gold.. He figured the carrots Trickster and Fred were referring to, were karats.  

The thief returned the next day, just as Travis the Truck Driver arrived and was unloading the delivery of carrots for Trickster. 

The thief came up to the crates of carrots and started rummaging through them. 

“Sir,” said Travis the Truck Driver. “What are you doing?” 

“I am looking for the gold,” said the thief. 

“Sorry,” said Travis the Truck Driver. “There is no gold here. Just carrots.” 

“So no karats with a k,” said the thief, very disappointed. 

“No,” said Travis. “Just good old carrots with a c.” 

The thief was humiliated, so he left. 

“I bet he overheard our conversation yesterday,” said Fred, helping Travis unload the truck. 

“He definitely did,” said Trickster, taking one of the carrots and taking a huge bite of it. “I saw him. That was why I mentioned carrots were gold.” 

“That w a good trick you played on him,” said Travis, laughing. 

“It sure was,” said Fred, also laughing. 


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t a good idea to listen to other people’s converstaions.
  • Example: A thief listened in on Trickster Bunny and his friend, Fred Fox’s conversation about a delivery of carrots. The thief thought they were talking about a delivery of karats.

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