A New Life at the Ocean

“Mother,” said Spring Butterfly. “It is finally spring. This is the season you have been waiting for.” 

“Yes,” said Mother. “It is spring and my dear child, I have a surprise for you.” 

“What surprise?” asked Spring Butterfly.  

“Let’s move closer to the Atlantic ocean,” said Mother.  

“That would be wonderful,” said Spring Butterfly. “You know how much I love drinking the water from the ocean. It is so fresh and so clean tasting.” 

“What is going on here?” asked Spring Butterfly’s evil twin brother, Black Butterfly, who just flew in. “Who is moving to the Atlantic Ocean?” 

“We are,” said Mother. “We know your sister loves the ocean water and so, why not live closer to the ocean so she can have all the ocean water she wants. Besides, I like the ocean water as well.” 

“I don’t want to go,” said Black Butterfly. “I don’t want you two to go either.” 

“Why not?” asked Mother. 

“This is where we grew up,” said Black Butterfly. “We have never lived anywhere else.” 

“It will be an adventure,” said Spring Butterfly. 

“Why don’t you come and try it out?” asked Mother. “If you don’t like living there, you can always come back here.” 

“I guess that is a fair deal,” said Black Butterfly. 

The Butterfly family flew to the Atlantic Ocean. They all loved living by the ocean. Black Butterfly even liked it. 

“So, was this a good decision?” asked Mother, a week later. 

“Actually,” said Black Butterfly. “I have to admit that I do like living by the ocean. The ocean water is so fresh. I can see why Spring Butterfly likes the taste of it.” 

Both Mother and Spring Butterfly smiled at one another because they saw a difference in Black Butterfly since moving to the ocean. He was no longer evil. The ocean seemed to have changed him.  


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.
  • Example: Spring Butterfly, Black Butterfly and Mother moved to the ocean and Black Butterfly was no longer evil.

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