“M” is for Mom

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Alphabet Allie to her mom. “‘M’ is for Mother’s Day.”

“Thank you,” said Mom. “You made my day. ‘M’ is for made.”

“I am going to make breakfast for you,” said Alphabet Allie. “Then I will clean up the mess. ‘M’ is for make and mess.”

Alphabet Allie sliced up some fresh mangoes and instead of using margarine on the muffin, she used some marmalade instead.

“‘M’ is for mangoes, margarine, muffin and marmalade,” said Alphabet Allie, carrying her mom a breakfast tray to her.

“Oh my,” said Mom. “This is the best breakfast meal I have ever had. ‘M’ is for my and meal.”

“I just want you to enjoy the most of this morning,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘M’ is for most and morning.”

“You have met all of my expectations,” said Mom. “‘M’ is for met.”

Alphabet Allie and her mom enjoyed the rest of Mother’s Day together.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always nice to spend Mother’s Day with our mothers.
  • Example: Alphabet Allie spent Mother’s Day with her mom and they both enjoyed it immensely.

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