Florence the Florist

“It is such a beautiful day today,” said Florence the Florist as she pulled the blinds open on her florist shop. 

Florence the Florist began sorting through the various cut flowers she had just received for her morning delivery. 

“Such beauties,” said Florence. “Reds, purples and bright yellows. I will mix these with some pink chrysanthemums. They will make these perfect arrangements for Mother’s Day.” 

Florence smiled to herself as she set the arrangements out on display for her customers to see when they walked through her flower shop door. 

“These flowers are beautiful,” said a young girl, who had just entered the flower shop. “Mom would really like these for Mother’s Day.” 

“What is her favourite colour?” said Florence. 

“She loves pink and purple,” said the young girl. 

“Well then these will be perfect for her,” said Florence. 

“Yes,” said the young girl. “They are perfect. How much are they?” 

“They are $24. 99,” said Florence. 

“Oh dear,” said the young girl. “I only have $20.” 

“Tell you what,” said Florence. “It just so happens that these are going on sale tomorrow for $19.99. I can let you have them for the sale price.” 

“That would be wonderful,” said the young girl. 

Florence wrapped the flowers for the young girl and she smiled when she handed them to her. 

“Thank you,” said the young girl. “By the way, I like your smile.” 

“Why thank you,” said Florence. 

The young girl left the shop and later that day, Florence saw a newspaper clipping of a woman who was very ill. The clipping showed a picture of the woman’s daughter. It was the same young girl who had just bought flowers for her mother that morning. 

Florence called her delivery company and she made all of the new arrangements that she had just made, delivered to the young girl’s mother. When the young girl saw them, she knew it was Florence who had sent them. She smiled and it helped her through that very rough time. 


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always nice to help someone out.
  • Example: Florence the Florist let her customer have a sale price on a bouquet of flowers that she was buying for her mother.

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