Remembering Mother on Mother’s Day

“I see this Sunday is Mother’s Day,” said Victor to his great-great-great-great-grandson, David.

“Yes,” said David. “It certainly is. Mother wanted to know if you would like to join us. We are taking her to her favourite restaurant, Politos on 5th.”

“Oh I love Italian,” said Victor. “I would be happy to join you.”

“Wonderful,” said David. “You know, you have told me a lot about your life over the 200 years you have been alive. However, you don’t speak much about your childhood. What was your mother like? How did you spend Mother’s Day? Can you even remember that far back?”

“I may be old,” said Victor. “Actually, I am ancient, 200 years old, in fact. However, I do have very vivid memories even from the days prior to Helga putting that nasty spell on me that turned me into a monster.”

“What was your mother like?” asked David. “What was Mother’s Day like?”

“Let’s see,” said Victor. “As a child, my brother, Peter and I were always outside playing and we would be filthy by the end of the day. Mother would have a fit. On Sundays, Mother’s Day and other special occasions, Peter and I weren’t allowed outside. Mother would not tolerate us getting dirty. She would dress us in our best clothes and we were made to sit in the parlour and read.”

“She sounded really strict,” said David.

“Strict and stern,” said Victor. “However, Peter and I were very rambunctious and therefore were always getting into some kind of trouble.”

“I bet you did,” laughed David. “So, what exactly did you do to celebrate Mother’s Day?”

“Peter and I were always on our best behavior on Mother’s Day,” said Victor. “We didn’t dare misbehave. We would help father cook breakfast for Mother and Peter and I would clean up afterwards. Then we would give Mother our gifts, which were usually hand-made items made out of wood that Father helped us with. The rest of the day we would sit with Mother, while Father prepared a feast for Mother for dinner. She loved roasted chicken and potatoes so that is what Father prepared.”

“Sounds like fun,” said David.

“Yes,” said Victor, reflecting on Mother’s Days of the past. “It really was fun. It was our sort of fun, the old fashioned fun.”

“Not like today at all,” said David.

“Not at all,” said Victor.


Moral of this Story:

  • No matter how old we are, it is always nice to remember our mothers.
  • Example: Victor, at 200 years old, still remembers what Mother’s Day was like when he was a child.

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