Swim – Master Action Words

“It is a hot summer day,” said Master Action Words. “I would like to keep cool today. How about going for a swim?”

Master Action Words had just finished helping his father clean out the garage. He was very hot and so were his two friends, Billy and Harold.

“Yes,” said Billy. “I would love to. It is very hot today, after all. I was out in the field with my grandfather, helping him fix his fence.”

“I would too,” said Harold. “I am boiling hot. I just finished cleaning up the front yard for my parents.”

“Swim is an action word,” said Master Action Words.

“Yes,” said Harold. “You are right. It is an action word.”

“It means to move through water,” said Master Action Words. “If we go for a swim, we can move through water and we can keep cool too.”

“We can also have fun,” said Harold. “It is so much fun to go for a swim.”

“You boys deserve to cool down,” said Master Action Words’ father. “Go ahead and have some fun.”

“Yes,” said Master Action Words. “I can’t wait! Let’s go!”

“Let’s also go have some fun,” said Billy.

“Yes,” said Harold. “I am so excited. Let’s go.”

Master Action Words, Billy and Harold got their swimsuits on and went for a swim. They were able to cool down and the had so much fun too.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is fun to go for a swim.
  • Example: Master Action Words and his friends, Billy and Harold wanted to cool down with a swim.

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