Desert Kid is Hot and Dry

“The Okanagan Valley is very hot and dry this summer,” thought Desert Kid as he walked up the road in front of his house. “I think it is a good day to go swimming.”

There was a pond just up the road. Desert Kid spent a lot of summer days at the pond. It was the perfect place for a swim.

“Oh no!” cried Desert Kid. “The pond is all dried up.”

This particular summer was so hot and dry that the pond had dried up completely. Desert Kid was very disappointed. It was very hot and he wanted to go for a swim. It would have cooled him down.

“I could always go to the lake,” said Desert Kid. “But, it is too far for me to walk to in this heat.”

When Desert Kid got home he told his mother about the pond being dry.

“I. was hoping to go for a swim after dinner tonight,” said Mother. “I guess we can go to the lake.”

“Oh yes please,” said Desert Kid. “I will even help with the dishes.”

“Okay,” said Mother. “That is a date.”

Desert Kid and Mother decided they would go to the lake right after dinner and do the dishes when they got home. They enjoyed the lake very much. It was very cool and refreshing.

“That was nice,” said Mother, once they had gotten home after their swim.

“It was,” said Desert Kid. “I feel so refreshed now.”

“Good,” said Mother. “Because the dishes are waiting for us.”

“I will do them,” said Desert Kid.

“That would be nice,” said Mother. “Thank you!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to go for a swim on a hot day.
  • Example: Desert Kid wanted to go to the pond to swim but it was dried up. Mother took him to the lake instead.
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