Desert Kid is in Hot Air

Desert Kid saw a note that Mother had left for him while she was visiting her sister for the day. The note was a list of chores that she wanted him to do. Desert Kid got dressed and went outside to do the chores.

One of the chores he had to do was to carry a ladder out to the back of the garage.

“It is so hot out here,” said Desert Kid to himself, as he carried the ladder.

Desert Kid was drenched in sweat just from that little bit of work. He went inside and drank some water.

“I have to get those chores done,” said Desert Kid. “I don’t want to be in hot air with Mother.”

Desert Kid kept working in the heat. He did what he could. He found that he had to keep taking breaks and he had to drink tons of water.

“I will be in hot air with Mother,” said Desert Kid, realizing at the end of the day that he had only done part of his chores.

Mother came home that night and was surprised that Desert Kid had gotten done as much as he did in the heat.

“So I’m not in hot air,” said Desert Kid.

“Not with me,” said Mother, turning the note over showing Desert Kid where she had written to only do the chores he could, weather permitting. “It looks like you had enough hot air for one day.”

“Yes,” laughed Desert Kid. “That I did. Next time I will read the back of the note too.”

“Good idea,” said Mother.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always read the whole note.
  • Example: Desert Kid didn’t realize Mother had written something on the back of the note.

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