Desert Kid and the Desert Heat

“Keep cool and keep hydrated,” Desert Kid heard the radio announcer say. “It is going to be the hottest day yet.”

“Oh dear,” said Desert Kid. “I need a way to stay cool in this desert heat.”

Desert Kid went to the kitchen and filled a tall cup full of water. He went to get some ice and saw the ice bucket was almost empty.

“That is no good in this heat,” said Desert Kid to himself.

Desert Kid gathered up all the ice cube trays he could find. He filled them with water and put them into the freezer.

“What is up with all the ice cube trays?” asked Mother, coming into the kitchen.

“Have you heard the weather forecast?” asked Desert Kid.

“No,” said Mother. “I have to get going though. I am going to be late for work.”

Mother left for work and about a half hour later Desert kid got a text from her asking him to keep making ice cubes.

Desert Kid knew she felt the heat.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is important to stay cool and hyrdrated in the summer.
  • Example: Desert Kid made lots of ice cubes in order to stay cool and hydrated.
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