A Pony Ride

“I think I would like to go on a pony ride,” said Queen V. “That would be such a fun thing to do. After all, it is the Victoria Day long weekend.” 

“And it is your birthday,” said Paul, Queen V.’s husband. 

“Yes,” said Queen V. “A pony ride would be a wonderful birthday present.” 

“Come with me,” said Paul. 

Paul took Queen V. out to one of the small barns at the back of their property. He opened the barn door and the first thing Queen V. saw was the most beautiful pony she had ever seen. 

“Happy Birthday!” said Paul, grinning from ear to ear. 

“Oh my!” exclaimed Queen V. “I can’t believe you bought  me a pony.” 

“That pony is only part of your gift,” said Paul. “Come with me.” 

Queen V. followed Paul to the very back portion of their property. Queen V. was shocked to see a building had been built. 

“I am confused,” said Queen V. “What is this building for?” 

Paul was just about to open the door to the building, when it started to rain.  

“Come inside,” said Paul. “I know you are going to love this.” 

Queen V. couldn’t believe that inside the building was an indoor stable. 

“Oh Paul!” cried Queen V. “This is wonderful!” 

“Now you can ride your pony, rain or shine,” said Paul. “Happy Birthday!” 


Moral of this Story:

  • When you buy someone a big gift, always consider where they will keep it.
  • Example: Paul bought his wife, Queen V., a pony for her birthday and was also considerate enough to build her an indoor stable so she could ride it, rain or shine.

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