Master Hurtful Words – Slow

Master Hurtful Words was walking home from the mall with his friend, Jillian. They were both hot because it was the middle of summer.

“Let’s stop and get an ice cream cone,” said Master Hurtful Words. “I am so hot.”

“Me too,” said Jillian. “Yes, let’s stop but not at the ice cream parlour around the corner. Let’s go to the other one.”

“Why don’t you want to go to the one around the corner?” asked Master Hurtful Words. “The other one is a few blocks away.”

“The owner is slow,” said Jillian. “He takes so long in scooping the ice cream.”

“That is a hurtful thing to say about the owner,” said Master Hurtful Words.

“But it is true,” said Jillian.

“I have never noticed him being slow,” said Master Hurtful Words.

“Okay,” said Jillian. “We will go there but be prepared to wait.”

Master Hurtful Words let Jillian order her ice cream first.

“What flavour do you want?” asked the owner, scoop in hand.

“I will have strawberry,” said Jillian. “No, wait. Maybe butterscotch. Oh, I can’t make up my mind. Chocolate looks good and so does the mint.”

“How about chocolate mint?” asked the owner.

“Okay,” said Jillian. “No, on second thought, I will have pecan.”

The owner quickly scooped a generous scoop of pecan ice cream into a cone and handed it to Jillian.

“I will have strawberry,” said Master Hurtful Words.

“Within seconds, Master Hurtful Words had his strawberry ice-cream cone.

“I told you he was slow,” said Jillian.

“Again, that is a very hurtful thing to say about someone,” said Master Hurtful Words. “And, if truth be told, you were the one being slow.”

“Why would you say such a hurtful thing to me?” asked Jillian.

“Because it is true,” said Master Hurtful Words. “The most time we spent in that store was you trying to decide what flavour of ice cream you wanted.”

“Really,” said Jillian, feeling ashamed. “I am so sorry. I just didn’t realize I was the one being slow.”

“You shouldn’t be so quick to judge others,” said Master Hurtful Words.

“Yes,” agreed Jillian. “I shouldn’t.”

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