Master Action Words – Pull

Master Action Words was at the park enjoying the warm summer day with his friend, Billy. They were watching a game of tug of war that some of the older boys were playing.

“Pull,” said Billy, cheering one group of boys on.

“Pull harder,” said Master Action Words, cheering the other boys on.

“The two teams were struggling because they seemed to have fairly even weight on each side.

“Pull is an action word,” said Master Action Words.

“Yes,” agreed Billy. “It is an action word but it doesn’t seem to be doing either team much good.”

“You are right,” said Master Action Words. “This tug of war game might end up as a tie.”

“That will be the very first time I have ever seen that happen,” said Billy.

Master Action Words thought about the action word pull. The word pull is an action word because it involves performing an action which is to exert force. In the care of the tug of war game, each team is exerting their strength on the rope.

“Pull even harder,” said Billy to the team of boys he was cheering.

“Come on,” said Master Action Words. “Pull with all the strength you have.”

Billy’s team found a little bit of strength and they pulled the rope a little bit. It wasn’t enough to get the boys across the finish line though. One of them lost their footing though and the boys started to fall over one another.

“Pull now with all your strength,” said Master Action Words to the team he was cheering.

The boys gathered every last ounce of strength they had and they were able to pull the team across the finish line. They won the tug of war.

“Thank you for cheering us on,” said Thomas, the captain. “You telling us to pull was what helped us. Thank you for using the action word, pull.”

“You are very welcome,” said Master Action Words.

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